Aryk et Ji'kal

Tielfing Paladin of the Secretkeeper


First of three children: two sisters >> four years younger and five years younger
Father: sailor
Mother: innkeeper

Childhood Events (4)

  • apprenticed in craft to cartographer
  • orphaned, raised by guardian
    • aunt/uncle: mother’s brother
    • aunt and uncle have daughter and two sons
    • aunt: dry goods shopkeeper
    • uncle: soldier
  • death of relative >> cousin >> first son
    • aunt uncle reaction: hate and fury
      • take punishment out on Aryk and neglect his sisters
  • moved to big city (Durleik)
    • took sisters with

Young Adulthood (4)

  • served wealthy patron in exchange for safe place and care of sisters >> house of mulani
  • responsible for death of invader >>pirate raid outside city walls
  • religious experience (4)
    • vision of deity (major) >> Drakala
    • lost faith in Diami >> left house of mulani >> became soldier
    • pilgrimage to holy site
    • vision of demigod/saint >> Naerumar
  • military service (3)
    • transferred to palace guard
    • committed unsanctioned crime
      • wrong place at wrong time >> assigned to desert outpost
    • learned exotic weaponry >> glaive

Aryk et Ji'kal

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