The gods of Dalnaes are worshipped almost universally throughout the world. Their names vary slightly from region to region, and some are worshipped more in certain areas than others, but their essence remains the same. The undisputed lord of the gods and creator of all is Malorel, Lord of Dreams and Life. All other gods are formed of pieces of his essence, the most powerful created by him personally. The gods live in the Realm of Imlaes, commonly referred to by mortals as the Silver City. Silver is the gods' color, and their appearance in the Mortal Realm is almost always preceded by a burst of silver flames. The gods are ruled by the Immortal Court, also called the Circle of Imlaes, which includes Malorel and twelve other gods who encompass the most primal needs and understandings of mortals.

The gods are divided into two distinct ranks, prime gods and lesser gods. Prime gods stand for broad, powerful forces that mortals cannot deny. These gods were either created directly by Malorel or born within one generation of gods. Lesser gods have more specific, but less powerful roles, and are not as widely worshipped. Lesser immortal beings are further separated into ranks based on the god they serve, such as Malorel's nightmares or Zephyrus' harbingers.

The Seven Dreams
When Malorel's first creation began, he willed into being seven powerful entities, each with a singular purpose, to aide in the creation of the world. These gods are known as the Seven Dreams, and form most of the Immortal Court.

Ritanya, the Radiant Lady
Noxera, the Dark Lady
Thegus, the Earthcarver
Sinaquadea, the Grace of the Seas
Florian, the Green Lord
Drakala, the Queen of Beasts
Galanor, the Peacekeeper

The Rest of the Immortal Court
Tempasera, the Keeper of Time
Neveros, God of Death
Korethean, the Flamebringer
Zephyrus, God of War
Diami, Goddess of Love

Other Gods
The remaining gods can be found through the links above under their parent god, or you can click here to view the full glossary of gods.

Archons, Immortals, and Demigods
Some gods are not truly gods at all, but are instead beings called archons. These beings formed spontaneously out of wild energies left over from Malorel's constant struggles with Chaos before the world's creation. Unlike gods, an archon's power fluctuates dependent on the state of the Mortal and Immortal Realms. Zephyrus is the most commonly seen archon, and during times of war in the Mortal Realm, his power increases tremendously.

Other beings that live in Imlaes but are not gods are simply called immortals. Many have specific names based on what god created them and what purpose they serve. Immortals are bound solely to th god(s) they serve. Very rarely do immortals serve more than one god, and only if more than one had a hand in their creation. Immortals act more as an extension of a god's will than as individual beings, and they are bound to their purpose. In some cases, they will follow that purpose even if it leads to their own destruction. Immortals, despite the name, can be destroyed outside of Imlaes, though it is almost impossible for a mortal to do so. When such destruction occurs, the immortal's essence is released in a burst of wild energy, the nature of which varies immortal to immortal. These energies can either disperse right away or linger, depending on the immortal that died. A list of each god's servants can be found on the god's page, or for a full glossary of immortals, click here.

Demigods are mortals that ascended to godhood upon their death. This occurs very rarely, and the option of immortality is offered only to mortals who have gone above and beyond their brethren to serve and protect both the gods and Dalnaes. The exception to this are half-gods, who can become demigods if they wish regardless of their mortal actions, but can gain full godhood if they achieve the same greatness as a mortal who attains immortality. Unlike immortals, demigods retain any knowledge and sentience they had in life, and are their own beings. However, upon death, they choose a patron god, usually one who had a direct role in their life. They must obey an command given to them by their patron, and usually take on a god-like role that works in tandem with their patron's. And example of this relationship is Naerumar, the Keeper of Secrets. In life he had close ties with half-god Sorchia Imlerin, who became a god upon her death. When Naerumar died, he was given the option to serve her as a demigod. She is the Keeper of Knowledge, and so Naerumar became the guardian of secrets and hidden knowledge.

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