Caer Thalion

Location: southeast Dalnaes
Native Races: human (Caer Thali), gnomes, halflings
Current Ruler: King Ilirash et Manukat (Ilirash of the Golden Sands)
Capital: Durleik, the City of Sun and Sea (pop. 50,000)
Major Cities: Krijh (trade hub), Yngrajaba, (trade hub), Akhum (coastal trade hub),  H'shtrela (horse market)


Located in the southeast corner of Dalnæs, it is dominated by a vast desert that stretches from the Kulynai Mountains along the Etherean border to the edge of the Kaj Modyn (Fertile Coast). It is bordered on the south by the Gy’gulan Jungle and the tail end of the Dendrith Mountains, on the north by the River of Rajz, and on the west by the Ulkyreth Sea. Most cities exist in the fertile land of the coast and river, though a few of the Desert Clans have permanent settlements. Each clan has their own laws and dialect, though they all also follow the laws of the kingdom. The capital is Durleik, located on the coast near the Rajz Delta. Dûrleik is a huge center of trade both by land and sea.

Caer Thalion has a long history of hatred with Zarthös Glÿphe, and the two peoples are quick to insult each other and potentially fight. The kingdom is primarily home to humans, gnomes, and halflings. Magic is common enough along the coast that it is not feared, and each desert village usually has at least one mage of some kind.


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Caer Thalion

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