<u>Location:</u> northwest

Native Races: human (Kilgrothian), dwarves, drow, teifling, dragonborn

Current Ruler: [[High Prince Rekashtan]]

Capital: Kûndahkanastu (pop. 25,000)

Major Cities: Fastün (Underrealm trade hub), [[Dûnlakän]] (border market), Tirbök (mining trade center)


If life was born in Etherea, Kilgroth is where is was forsaken. Kinder descriptions call it a cold, unforgiving maze of rock, while others refer to it as a frigid wasteland. The land located in the northwest of Dalnæs is filled with dark, icy mountains, its crevices filled with half-frozen rivers and waterfalls. Very little farmable land exists within its borders, and it gains food by trading for it with its plentiful metals and gems. Though there are a number of stone fortresses and towns, far more of Kilgroth’s population lives down in the Underealm, where caverns both natural and not have been carved to form underground cities. Kilgorth’s humans are pale to the point of illness and mark themselves with dark tattoos, the patterns of which define them. Kilgroth is ruled from the mountain peaks by the dracomen, human-dragon crossbreeds created during the Chaos War. Though fierce and intimidating, they tend to keep to themselves, and mostly allow the other races of the kingdom to govern themselves. High Prince Rekashtan makes his home in an eyrie above the capital city of Kûndahkanastu.

Kilgroth has a long history of conflict with Etherea and Elbrith. When there is peace between them, it is tense and short-lived. Kilgroth is home to humans, dwarves, drow, and the rare tieflings and dragonborn. Half-elves and half-orcs can also be found here in small numbers. Magic is practiced commonly enough, though the ones who do so tend to keep to themselves, and often turn to the darker magics of Chaos.



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